Templar Maps

Source: Sporen van de Tempelieren in Nederland - http://www.tempelieren.nl - © Ben Brus 2003-2012

source: Jan Hosten 2006: De tempeliers - de tempelorde tijdens de kruistochten en in de Lage Landen" (in Dutch, translation title: The Knights Templar - the Order of the Temple during the crusades and in the Low Lands); ISBN-13 978-90-430-1061-0; Publ Pearson Education Benelux, Amsterdam

Knight Templar Commanderies in Europe ca 1300 source 


Commanderies in France - screen print from www.templiers.org


Commanderies of the Johanniter Order 1300 source

Commanderies of several Knights Orders in Switserland   source 

Jerusalem AD 958-1052, according to the Arab geographers; from from Palestine Under the Muslims: A Description of Syria and the Holy Land from AD 650 to 1500, by Guy Le Strange, London 1890, in Wikipedia

France 1154