We are opening up this ad space as a way of pairing our audience with offerings that are relevant to them. We value our loyal readers – these ad slots are aimed at being a win-win for both advertisers and readers.

Ad content may promote your company, unveil a new product or service, announce an upcoming event, publicize a sale or special offer or highlight job opportunities. The choice to accept or rejects proposals for ads is our own.

We will only accept ads which are directly in line with and contribute to the topic of our blog. We especially invite publishing companies to send us copies of new publications, relevant to and in line with our topics. These will be reviewed and promoted in our publications. 

Our readerschip is constantly growing. From the start of our activities about 10 years ago, we have a steady reader count of in average about 800-1.300 visits per month. After professionalizing our work in January 2020, average visits per month has risen sharply to 3.000-4.000 and are still increasing.

These figures do not include additional views from social media posts. Our Twitter account (to date over 600 followers) and Facebook page (which to date attracts some 5.000 post reach per week and has over 1.000 followers and likes) attract ever growing numbers of visits and interaction. Our Facebook group and Instagram account were recently launched and are daily attracting new participants.

Usually ads are positioned in the sidebar or as bottom ads. Special arrangements may be considered, including exclusive full post editorials and advertorials. Soon our on-line shop will be opened.

All proposals and suggestions should be mailed to TemplarsNow.


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