Already going strong for nearly 10 years, TemplarsNow® is stepping up its work.

Obviously we continue what what we did for the last 10 years: researching, writing and publishing over 300 Templar blog posts, which we share through Facebook and Twitter. These blogs contain sound information on the historical and present day Knights Templar presence in north-west continental Europe and the Levant.

Our main focus area covers present day Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and the western part of Germany. Understanding history contributes to a better understanding of the original character of the Knights Templar, and their possible meaning today. Therefore, 11th and 12th century history is considered especially relevant. Special projects pertain to visiting and documenting less well known Templar sites.

We will start publishing in English on the many but in international English literature poorly represented Templar sites in The Netherlands and Belgium as well as rural France.

Source: Sporen van de Tempelieren in Nederland - - © Ben Brus 2003-2012

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