On internet much information on the Knights Templar (Templiers) in France is available. Many mix fact and imagination, myths and truths. I will only present links here to sites that to my opinion can help to better understand the true meaning of Knights Templar in France, then and now.

Project Beauceant  ( extensive website (in French), with the main objective to set up a kind of encyclopedia on the Templar Order and a catalogue of diverse historical remnants that the presence of these men has left everywhere in Europe and the Middle-East. To do it, the Project is open to any person, professional or not, who wants to share his research and experiences on this topic. Also contains much information on Templar commanderies. Regretfully many commanderies seem to be missing in the Centre of France. For these other sources have to be considered, such as the ones below., another great website (in French) with a lot of information on the Templars and the crusades. Includes very detailed descriptions of the French commanderies, in alphabetical order and per Département.

From this source TemplarsNow composed a new map containing all known and probable Templar sites in the Allier department. This map can be reached by this link and in also shown below.

Other sources on Templar sites in France are:

Le Marais des Templiers - une visite du Paris médiéval dans le Marais

Knights Templar in the Provence

Knights Templar sites in northwest France

La Chapelle des Templiers à Metz,%20par%20Le%20Point/index.php?page=2

Most important Templar sites in France