The Concept of Martyrdom in the Order of the Knights Templar

"Martyrdom in the Order of the Knights Templar must be understood as an extremely multilayered and versatile concept. It sometimes reveals itself openly, for example in the works of Bernard of  Clairvaux or the carefully constructed stories of Templars suffering martyrdom prior to being received into heaven. Some-times, however, the concept’s influence is more difficult to discern, for example in the area of liturgy or the members’ personal experience. Thus, alternative ways of uncovering the concept need to be found. A key to this might be the “special importance [of] the motifs of the Lamb, the military sign, and the crown of victory,” (...)

In any case, a core assumption with regard to martyrdom is Christ’s sacrifice for humanity. To the Templars, this was the central point of reference and the legitimization of their military and liturgical activities."

Source: - Embracing Death, Celebrating Life: Reflections on the Concept of Martyrdom in the Order of the Knights Templar; Illustration Miniature of the Battle of Cresson Bibliothèque Nationale FR. 5594 Fol. 197, Sebastian Mamerot, Les Passages fait Outremer, vers 1490 Wikipedia, Public Domain

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