Many sites on Templars in France (Templiers en France) can be found on the internet, especially ones that mix scrupulously truth and myth, sence and nonsense, fact and fabrication. Such sites will not be mentioned on this blog.
At the same time I have realized that, although France does not really belong to the area covered by this site, the influence of French Templars did -and still does-  expand north of the actual French territory.
So I have come to realize that certain French sites deserve and even need to be presented here. Simply because, to my humble opinion, they have special importance for getting to know better the true history of Knights Templar in north-western Europe, as well as understand better the continuing precense of their footprint today and its meaning for modern man.

Therefore, after ample consideration, I have added a special page on France.
May it grow and be relevant to all seeking the truth about the meaning of the Knights Templar.

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