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A special place deserves this Templar history in graphics

Religious roots and setting

Christian and Cistercian roots

The Knight Templar, monks and soldiers - part 1 
The Knight Templar, monks and soldiers - part 2 
Evrard des Barres - Templar Grand Master and Cistercian monk
Cistercian architecture 

The five Foundation Cistercian Abbeys 
Clairvaux Abbey: cradle of Cistercians and Knights Templar - 900th anniversary 
Clairvaux Abbey - 900 years ago the birthplace of the Cistercian Order, spiritual partner of the Knights Templar 
Basic layout of a Cistercian monastery 

The Templar Revelation reviewed
Templar spirituality illustrated in Mountsaunès Chapel, France.html

Profane roots and setting - Low Countries, Francia, Britain,  

Profane and political roots - general
The Knights Templar, a solution to violence in Christianity
The crusades: not anti-Muslim but to stop internal Christian violence
Development of the trade system in the 10th to 12th century
The Middle Ages: Brilliant instead of Dark

Low Countries
Political geography of the Low Countries 1000-1500
Counts of (West Frisian) Holland, the cursades and the Templars

Creation and demise of the Knights Templar
Arstocratic and monastic primacy in the 12th century County of Champagne, France
Troyes de Champagne - the Jewish link
Templar and Cistercian family ties
The Cistercian key: birth of the Knights Templar 1118-1127 
Eastern presence in pre-crusade southern France 11th century 
Clairvaux abbey - 900 years in 3D 
Clairvaux Abbey, cradle of Cistercians and Knights Templar - 900th anniversary 

Relations between Templar Houses in Britain and their local Communities

Toledo, Spain: medieval bridge between ancient, classical, arab and western knowledge 

Founding fathers

Profane roots and setting - Outremer (Middle East)
The crusades: not anti-Muslim but to stop internal Christian violence
Muslim-Christian relations during the early crusades
The foundation of the Order of the Knights Templar according to William of Tyre
The Shia Ismaili or Assassin Order and the Knights Templar
Lessons in crusader cuisine

12th century

Christian monastic presence and influence in the pre-crusade Muslim world
Christian view on the rise of Islam at the end of the 1st Millennium
Muslim protection of Christian monasticism before the Crusades

The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Templar predecessor?

The Order's original aims
The Temple Order's birthdate pin-pointed

Later Years

2015 - An open letter on the present day refugeesituation posted on the website
2015 - "Noble Knight"- the Scandinavian OSMTH Knights Templar on the refigee situation
2015 - German OSMTH Chapter supports an "Open letter tot the Governments of Europe" on refugees
2015 - The-values of modern chivalry

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