Leisure and Links

This page summarizes leisure and general links to websites on Knight Templar issues and the Cistercian monastic Order, which are or may be of importance to the subject of this blog. Mentioning of the link does not indicate support for all information or views therein.

(NB mentioning of a link does not mean support for the organisation)

www.getyourguide.com - portugal tours
viaseptemtrionestempli.wordpress.com/  - Association Via Septemtriones Templi créée le 8 mars 2011 Office de Tourisme de Caudry
www.conservatoire-larzac.fr - children's game on Templars (in French)

Crusades and Templars viewed in the West

An internet version of the Templar Rule
timeline at www.knightstemplarvault.com
Secret Societies of the Middle Ages by Thomas Keightley [1837]
The International Order of Gnostic Templars ™ (IOGT)
Remembring the Templars - ebook
compilhistoire.pagesperso-orange.fr (in French)

Crusades and Templars viewed by the East

www.crusades.org/, history, especially through Arab Eyes

National links

Knights Templar in Ireland
Irish Historical Mysteries: The Knights Templar
www.menzendorff.de on Templars in Germany

The spread of Cistercians monasteries
The contribution of the Cistercian Order to the economic development - England, 1130-1300.
The Cistercian Evolution: The Invention of a Religious Order in Twelfth Century

Old and ancient texts

the works of Bernard de Clairvaux
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
The internet Sacred Text Archive

New research



Templar Myths
(I only include links that combine and summarize mythic elements with rational possibilities that may still be of importance today. True or not, to my opinion they are worth noting)

The Knights Templar and the Terrible Secret

Les secrets du Temple an extensive set of papers (in French)

Kruistochten der Nederlanden

The books by Gilles C H Nullens 
Gilles C.H. Nillens is an engineering graduate from Liege University (Belgium) and MIT, and who worked for most of his career as an European civil servant. He has no special academic qualification in neither general nor religious history. However he has spent more than 10 years reading and analysing books and other documents related to the history of early Christianity, old mystery schools and freemasonry, as well as of the related groups and organisations of the past. Although this does not make him a qualified expert, or a recognised scientist in these fields, he has acquired a wide knowledge that he has put at the disposal of interested people on the Internet. (quote from the indicated website)